Wednesday, 31 December 2014

‎Mike Maurro's remixes are set for The Peak Hour!

Tom Moulton is the Godfather or The God of the remix, but a new Prince has arrived via, Mike Maurro's forthcoming album on Harmless records. The Mike-Maurro-Peak-Hour-Remixes  is a new collection of 21 classic Disco Soul & Funk favorites, remixed with love from the original Multi tracks. The album includes classic by, The Trammps, Detroit Spinners, Ashford & Simpson, Change, Blue Magic, George Duke, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Candi Staton. The collection is already climbing the Amazon sales chart on pre-orders alone! 

 Mike Maurro, a native New Yorker, was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1973. He lived there for the first seven years of his life before his family made a permanent move to Queens, where his passion for music first surfaced. In 1984, after watching the motion picture “Beat Street”, Mike began following dance music by scanning the top dance hits on New York City radio stations such as 100.3 Z-100, Hot 103.5, 98.7 Kiss FM. It was during these years of intense music study that Mike discovered dj's & producers such as Arthur Baker, John Robie, Afrika Bambaataa, John "Jellybean" Benitez, The Latin Rascals & "Little" Louie Vega who fueled his desire to become a DJ. By 1986 he was ready to start mixing. His DJ career began with a handful of 12" records and 2 mis matched turntables he set out to learn the art of beat mixing. By late 1987 and 1988 He began working mobile jobs such as weddings, birthdays, and block parties with a neighborhood DJ company "All Night Long DJ's"— before he was even old enough to drive. 

By 1991, Mike owned his own DJ company "Dj's In Control", but his first real break did not happen until a year later at The Harbor Club in Queens. One night the regular DJ was unable to perform, and Mike (who was working as a bus boy at the time) was called upon to replace him. He began spinning there from time to time, but left the night club in 1993 when he was passed up for a regular position. The next few years were quiet for Mike, who didn’t return to the scene until 1998 when he submitted his mixes to “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi for his WKTU "Studio 54 Clubhouse" show. Causi was impressed at the skill level of the tracks, and placed Mike into rotation with other popular NY area DJ's such as Jenny Costa, Johnny Rocks, Johnny D, Jimmy Yu, Antonio Corrao, Delmar Browne, George Calle, Sally Boy Curto, Louie Mangione and others. Not far after that, Mike began doing a once a week midday mix for 103.5 WKTU, as well as classic dance mixes for 102.7 Mixx FM.

Mike entered the remix world in 2010.......with only a modest desktop computer, a copy of Ableton Live , and a handful of multi tracks downloaded from the internet he began to practice dissecting a song looking for the best combinations of instruments, creating breaks, lengthening intro's etc. After meeting the great Tom Moultonin 2011, he began to understand the true art of the remix.....under the guidance of Tom, Mike began to discover his own style of remixing. And with the tips from other legends in the remix game, Mike has created a signature sound with unconventional methods of mixing. His extra long drumless intro's and acappella endings have been widely accepted and praised by artists, dj's and dancers all over the globe from the US, UK , France, Australia, and Italy. He now owns a powerful Pro Tools based digital studio and is equipped for all types of remix work.

The album is released on January 26th 2015 on download and a deluxe 3 CD box set edition with a very special low price tag, then you might have had to pay for just one of these tracks on 12 inch vinyl.

The collection is, three hours, thirty six minutes & thirty eight second of heaven! Recommended.
Pre-order or listen to more link: Mike-Maurro-Peak-Hour-Remixes remixes pre-order it here!

Gary Van den Bussche

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