I just got off the phone with Cheryl and her Manager. She's fine!!! She didn't I repeat Did not have a stroke!!! She's in great health and dropping new music very soon!!!!
The story got changed to Cruel Stroke Internet Stroke hoax < (Read it here)
After we revealed the story all the Stroke tweets vanished & replace with ...  I'm in Mexico
We we were glad to hear Miss Lynn was in good health ...
Her manager tweeted-  2h
@discosoulgold Hi Disco Soul, I'm @itsCherylLynn manager and she was hacked she didn't tweet that she had a stoke! And that is her page.
@markchappelle @discosoulgold @soultracks @itsCherylLynn @willdowning I work for Ms. Lynn! And yes it's her real page she's getting verified
Soul tracks wrote Cheryl was happily shopping at the mall when the word of the Twitter posts hit her. She has no Twitter page and no son posting messages. It was all a lie, but for what twisted reason we can't even guess. Many thanks to our good friend, singer Will Downing, who connected us with Cheryl's manager, who set the record straight. We are ecstatic that Cheryl is 100% healthy, but are scratching our heads about what kind of person creates such a hoax.  And we are sorry for any role we played in assisting those who were trying to fool Cheryl's fans.
So at the end of the day, Miss Lynn is in good health, which is the main thing, but for our peace of mind, its always best to get these stories verified. Do fake Facebook / Twitter accounts upset fans & damage the real artists credibility ?
  For the record -This @itsCherylLynn has now unfollowed us on Twittter.

Cheryl Lynn stroke story a cruel internet hoax Cheryl Lynn