Thursday, 17 April 2014

Birthday Remembrance to Valorie Jones of The Jones Girls

Birthday Remembrance to Valorie Jones 
(17 April 1956- December 2, 2001). Valorie was the youngest sister of The Jones Girls (Shirley, Brenda). They are best known for their hit songs " You Gonna' Make Me Love Somebody Else" and "Nights Over Egypt.". Thanks to Brenda Jones for writing...  I celebrate the birthday of my baby sister and dearest friend Valorie Denise Jones. Valorie, was a very warm, loving, caring person, who loved life! She was full of laughter, endless jokes and could imitate ANYONE! But for me there was one gift that I always held dear. From childhood to adulthood--she had my back. We had each other's backs. 
We were blessed enough to share our passion of singing with fans around the world, but what many don't know, is as much as she loved performing, off stage, she was a perpetual student who loved to learn, studying everything from foreign languages to law and politics.
But her best role wasn't sister, singer or student. It was mother, and she would pour her love and attention on her son, Phelton. All her skills came together in one perfect role. Her love escalated with him. The songs she wrote to soothe him, were sweeter than any song she ever sang. And the perpetual student became a teacher, helping Phelton to discover and hone his musical talents. It's no mistaking that her legacy lives on in him. Don't believe me? You can check him out on Facebook: Phelton Phelpz Jones and/or Fans Of Phelpz Productions.
Over the twelve and a half years, that she's been gone, there are times when the feeling of Val not being here still kills me. But I always remember that she's right here in my heart. So today I touch my heart and say, "I Love You, Val and I miss you so much!" Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!  
Brenda Jones


" Success Is Getting What You Want, Happiness Is Wanting What You Get." ~ Valorie D. Jones


  1. With loving thanks to Brenda Jones x

    1. Gary, Thank You so much, for posting. You are the absolute BEST! <3

  2. Oh my Brenda, my friend and sister on this day 14 years ago, you lost the most loved sister, best, precious and one who watch your back. She departed from this earthly ream. She has never departed from you and she is always with you to continue protecting you .I thank God for blessing you to continue your journal with your baby sister watching over you