Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Prince Phillip Mitchell returns after 23 years!

It's been 23 years since we last heard from Prince Phillip Mitchell, but the talented singer returns with a new 7 inch release called "Just The Beginning," backed with the B-side (great to say that again), "something new to do," released on the Soul 4 Real label. Mitchell is a veteran composer, vocalist, guitarist, and pianist who was not only in both The Premiers and The Checkmates in the late '50s and early '60s, but was also a great solo artist in his own right. He has written countless gems for other artists as well including, "It Hurts So Good," a hit for Millie Jackson and also Susan Cadogan; "Starting All Over Again," originally written for Sam and Dave but recorded instead by Mel and Tim, whose version was a 1972 hit on the Stax's record label; "A Star In the Ghetto," recorded by the Average White Band with Ben E. King, plus other songs by the likes of Millie Jackson, Norman Connors, Joe Simon, and Candi Staton.
As a solo artist, Mitchell's released the single, "One On One," on Atlantic records in 1978 and reached the  R&B top 40 (it was part of the 1978 album, Make It Last, that featured background vocals by The Jones Girls). Top Of The Line followed in 1979, featuring the underground soul masterpieces, "I'm So Happy," and "If It Ain't Love It'll Go Away." He released two albums on the, Ichiban Records, with the last one being in 1991.
Mitchell's music, whether recorded by him or another artist, has always been on the classier side of Soul.

Listen here : > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY_nRKfRqng 
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Sunday, 25 May 2014

DSG music label start with a #1 Radio Hit!

Always great to start with a bang!
DSG Music's first release by Duo, SouLutions goes to #1 in the Radio Promo chart with Kings Of Spin.
The promotion for the record is handle by Gary Van den Bussche, who also manages the duo.
The record is out now! through  i Tunes,  http://bit.ly/1kiP3V2.,plus further distribution by, Google Play,Spotify,Rdio, Amazon http://amzn.to/1noYoyn , 7Digital, Sony Qriocity, Nokia, Muve, Music by Cricket, Slacker, WiMP,Zvooq, AT&T, Deezer, Rhapsody, eMusic
We7, Basepoint Media, Juno, Stompy, Track It Down, BEATS MUSIC, 24/7 Entertainment, Hard 2 Find & others..

SUMMERS HERE AND SUMMER HOUSE MUSIC IS THE BEST. Check out the SouLutions breezy "Listen" with 5 gloriously sunny house mixes for the sunset bars, the early set on the beach and right on the dance floor at night.
Its a 6 track EP, while ''Listen'' covers the musical spectrum in the mix department with  it's hot remixes by, DJ  Mike Maurro, with added percussion by Pied Piper, Grant Sullivan, (12 Shades,) Ken Walker (Ken @ Work) &  Paul Hemmingway (Blazing Encore). Soul fans will Love, Mr Sun Don't You Hide with Louise's mighty voice. 
Peter Young Good tune - very uplifting. Deserves to do well! Jazz FM

Jay Negron - Disco 935 New York WOW....that's GREAT distribution...nice....will feature on my show that airs on 5/24 thanks for the wavs...sounds GREAT!
Deejay Renay- Beach Mix - Love the soulful quality of the original...so glad you have a dance mix so that my "house" listeners can enjoy it as well!
Brenda Jones Girl -Listen - I love this! Very Upbeat, Positive and danceable! :-)
DJ Scroggs
Marks out of 10: 10
Your favourite mix?: 12 Shades Beach Mix
Your comments?: I need a Beach and a Beer now!!! 

 Myra Howse
Radio stations: Deep Vibes Radio UK 
Marks out of 10: 10
Your favourite mix?: Maurro Extended Mix
Your comments?: Love this track, will play it on my show.

Herbie James
Radio stations: Gay Internet Radio Live USA 
marks out of 10: 10
Your favourite mix?: 12 Shades Beach Mix
Your comments?: WOW.....Can\'t picka fave mix.....Love them ALL. Could be the beach anthem of the summer......Very Nice. Love the vocal. / groove.
DJ Lolly 
Radio stations: Freek FM London
Marks out of 10: 10
Your favourite mix?: 12 Shades Beach Mix
Your comments?: Yes I will definitely play and support this release on my shows.

The new Modern Soul Anthem - Mr Sun Don't You Hide ...
Jerry Hipkiss
Radio stations: Gloucester FM

Marks out of 10: 7
Your favourite mix?: Blazing Encore Mix
Your comments?: Straight onto the show tomorrow...will be dropping \"Mr Sun\" as well!

June Furlong Solar Radio - Love it Gary

DrizaboneSoulFamily - Sounds like a Drizabone record
Brenda Jones Girl Mr Sun Crazy, Sexy, Sensual! Great One, Y'all!!! <3 :-)

Kevin Mcgoff - lovin it already, watch out Stansfield!!

Paul Redfern Wow Loving that 'G' yes I'd an MP3 I'm playing the opening set at INFINITI Modern Soul Night in Newark on Saturday! What a great gig to drop a brand New Killer Modern Track!

Pete Scoey Schofield   .LATEST from Disco, Soul, Gold new label,,,G O O D LUCK too membersSteve Lee and Louise SouLutions on their debut single,,,lets have it

Gary Cannavo (masspool djs record pool USA)

idmw ѕιngle oғ тнe weeĸ ❂ #SoulfulHouse - SouLutions - Listen (12Shades Beach Mix) (DSG Music) Newcastle new comers SouLutions appearing as the next Brit-Soul sensation, with Louise somehow reminding of Lisa Stansfield and Steve sounding like a cousin of Driza Bone productionwise. Meanwhile, this Housey 12Shades Beach Mix has all the ingredients to get ideally warming up the floors this Summer...

Marks out of 10: 10
Your favourite mix?: Maurro Extended Mix
Your comments?: All fun!! Will Support..

Robert Shorthouse (Rhouse)
Radio stations: Preparty Radio Holland, Cyberjamz USA
Marks out of 10: 10
Your favourite mix?: Ken at Work Mix
Your comments?: Love this track, will play it on my show

Midniteman Twitter
Marks out of 10: 10
Your favourite mix?: Maurro Extended Mix

With big thanks to Eddie Gordon at Kings Of Spin,  MFSB at Buzz,  Brenda Jones Girl, Lindsay Miller Reddall at Pictures Forever, plus everybody on our Facebook  Disco, Soul, Gold Page , plus in our , Disco, Soul group of stars , Gary Spence Solar Radio, Richard Marzetti (Solar Radio), Jester Groove (Stomp Fm), no i'm not going to say to everyone that knows me, but to all of you for your great support. 

Louise & Steve are SouLutions read all about them here : http://bit.ly/R0KkvN 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Congratulations MFSB! 40th anniversary and still indamix!

 MFSB how does it feel to be in your 40th anniversary year of indamixworldwide?
Not of indamixworldwide, Gary, but rather indamix. Feels like this all started yesterday, although it also at times gives me the feeling this sounds like the Middle Age, when remembering my very first gig in a club back in… 1974

DJ Spinna with MFSB

So you used to be a musical journalist for Coda Magazine, any highlights from your time spent there?

Coda Magazine which, for some time, happened to be the leading mag in France in terms of Electronic Dance Music, but not only.  I started as a reviewer at the end of the 80’s when back from UK where I’d lived for a year for mag called De La Dance as a wink to… De La Soul, then switched 2 years after to Black News, then to Coda Magazine back in 1995. I’ve always considered music as a whole, exposed to almost everything, as long as it was groovy, be it acoustic as its most advanced (progressive) electronic forms.
My highlights from this period as a journo? My meeting with Nile Rodgers and the late Bernard Edwards for the release of the last Chic album back in 1992. The one with Barry White who honored and graced me with his friendship from then. Not to mention Guy (Teddy Riley and the brothers Hall) at London’s Hammersmith (the Labatt’s Apollo then). Will Downing, Mica Paris, Omar… Carl McIntosh, Jazzie B and Maxi Priest who I happened to meet at a same table during the final of a DMC World Championships at Wembley Arena. The late Guru. But also Randy Muller who I happened to meet incidentally during the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Roy Ayers, who I first met in Miami too with Nuyorican Soul. Gil Scott-Heron who I got introduced to after a concert at NYC’s S.O.B. Femi Kuti, both in NYC and Paris, and the list seems like endless since. I’ll never forget neither the first time I saw Kenny Bobien singing live who got me into tears at a place where I happened to meet Mel Cheren of the Paradise Garage who would so to say adopt me as his nephew soon after. And neither will I forget when Freddy Sannon (Shelter Records) got me to see the very last vinyl factory in activity somewhere in NJ state…
Tell us about the rise & fall of indamixworldwide. com
It all started from a column – Indamix – which I initiated on Coda Magazine, dedicated to Garage and (soulful) House Music. Many people overseas who were receiving it told me it was cool although they’d like it to be written in English as opposed to French for a better understanding. So I started sending them a translated version in English via email. Then a friend of mine who was a neighbor created a website and asked me about a name to put on it. I naturally came up with… Indamix although it was the name of a XXX rated website. So I added worldwide to it, as a wink to Gilles Peterson’s famous radio show of the likes and that was it.
He was the webmaster and I was the editor, but he relocated to another place and left me the keys of the whole, although I was a total newbie in terms of programming.
I wanted to work on a more elaborated system but didn’t have a single clue, so I started learning languages such as Xhtml, java, css although never found a way to put everything into form. I then decided to put Indamixworldwide.com on hold…

Who has given you the inspiration to still be in the music industry 40 years on?
I wouldn’t see myself doin’ anything else. I started as a DJ, I worked either as a technician either as a presenter for various radio stations. I’ve turned myself into a journalist. I’ve released compilations for various labels. I’ve always felt the need to share what I thought to be the best.

MFSB started from a DJ background, do you ever see yourself, going back out there & spinning again?
Very much so. To me, there’s nothing like the direct contact. Meeting a crowd, warmin’ them up and getiin’ them into your own game with the will to have them havin’ one of these times… And even more when comin’ to jam together with other people. I couldn’t forget that night during a festival in the South of France when, together with Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, a bunch of Cuban percusionnists and a Jazz saxman, we’ve ended up blending vibes like a live orchestra… Same feeling when I happened to spin a few times accompanied by Sammy Figueroa who was Miles Davis and Chic’s percussionist. As many communions that saw us speakin’ the same language although hailing from different parts of the worl, havin’ different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. I still have the same emotion when remembering this…

What are your three favorite Disco/ Soul jams of all time ?
Tricky question to say the least! I’ll then speak in terms of meaning, with no specific order…
Inner Life featuring Jocelyn Brown – ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, as it’s a constant sign of hope.
The O’Jays – ‘I Love Music’, as it tells about what I’m expecting from music.
The Isley Brothers – ‘Go All The Way’, as I never wanted to be emprisonned into any specific genre of music…

How do you see your future?
Hmmm, another one… But I suppose I’d like to come up with a radio station and spread the idea of… Indamix!
MFSB is currently the editor for the Facebook page indamixworldwide. The page is a unique concept of selectors, posting on the page in a Radio style, with, pictures, groovy music ranging from Disco to House, with funk driven jams in between The selectors do an Hour show, posting new, remixed, or classic jams with instant crowd feedback with an audience close to 20,000 - Each selector 
sets a genre or theme for their daily or weekly show & post to the live Facebook followers taste, with topical comment about the news or weather. Each selector comes from a different part of the world, hence the name, indamixworldwide, with different no only languages, but musical taste & popularity from country to country. Each selector is chosen & tested on a test page, to see if they have a superior musical taste & knowledge, not only this, they have to fit in with the indamixworldwide formula & family.
The indamixworldwide page has been running everyday for the past three years, it has a weekly chart, single of the week, plus it does promotions for upcoming new releases & it's all free of charge, all indamixworldwide ask is that you support the page.
Which DJ changed your life?
In no specific order, Kerri Chandler, with his spontaneity, Ron Trent, with his aptitude to come up with blends makin’ you go mental. Joe Claussell, for his subtlty, Glenn Underground, for the fascination he manages to create both on his compositions and mixes. And also José Padilla who, with his sunset mixes in Ibiza, embodies the idea of hedonism…

Ultra Nate with MFSB
Here is the link below to the Facebook action. 

Are there any plans to start a Radio Station?
Definitely, although I need the right partners to fullfil this dream…

 Are you still looking for selectors to post on the page
Anyone willing to share her/his love for music and people while edutaining them is more than welcome. 
If you could only take three songs to a party what would they be?
Here we go for another round, huh? Alright then, same as previously, because of their meanings…
Chic – ‘Everybody Dance’, as a starter.
Romanthony – ‘In The Mix’, as its title speaks for itself, although it also could be ‘Bring U Up’…
Joe Smooth – ‘Promised Land’, as there’s nothing like inspirational music to get you higher…


Thanks very much for your time MFSB, I would like to say, here's to the next 40 years...
Likewise, Gary. Although I do hope we won’t have to wait until then to meet up and have a couple of drinks, as a starter of course!

Michael Jackson could a Hologram have maybe saved his life ?

Michael Jackson hologram steals the show at Billboard Music Awards. To think maybe this idea could have saved his life. Michael Jackson was obviously worried about the  02 London gigs, would a 50 year old man be able to dance the same as he did ? Did the promoters give him too many gigs ? how many even younger artists could have done that many shows ? The Hologram idea in between him dancing along, or with him could have helped the shows success... 
 So what do you think ? 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Denise LaSalle ''Here I Am Again''

Denise LaSalle first came onto the scene on Chess Records in 1967 with her first single, "A Love Reputation." Her musical styles have ranged from, Blues, R&B, Soul & Pop, but she has earned herself a tag as The Queen of the Blues.
"Trapped By A Thing Called Love" was a 1971 US #1 R&B, Soul smash hit single, which sold over a million copies. "Now Run And Tell That" and "Man Sized Job" followed into the top 5 of the US R&B chart in the early 70's. Her Unwrapped' album remains a 1979 classic & features a live medley of "Make Me Yours" "Trapped By A Thing Called Love" and "Precious Precious." In 1980, she had some Disco, Club success with the sought after "I'm So Hot," followed by "Come To Bed" (written-By Phillip Mitchell), "Lady in the Street" in 1983 and "Right Place, Right Time," her timeless duet with Latimore in 1984. Unfortunately, she is best known in the UK & other parts of the world for her #6 UK hit cover version of Rockin' Sidney's, "My Toot Toot."
"Here I Am Again" was released in 1975 & mainly overlooked at the time, even with it's Barry White feel.

In Loving Memory of Donna Summer

(LaDonna Adrian Gaines -December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012). 
 Donna Summer Live tribute interview with Jeanette Wilson- 3rd Jan 2014 (Ex employee of Donna Summer)... 
Question for Jeanette - 
1. How many years did you work for Donna & did you meet anybody we would know? 
It was more like per schedule performance, within 1 year for example “The Harpers Bazaar” segment of the top female artist’s who won Platinum Albums I was the stylist and hired the hair stylist Nantille Hansberry in Harry Landon studio in LA. In New York I work with the Producer, VP of WEA International Tracey Bledsoe, Donna and I. On the video of “State of Independence“ shot in New York City and Jones Beach. I chose her wardrobe and continue to groom her on the set. Support staff for some of her Satellite Interview’s. I met a lot of people through Donna. Studio Giorgio Moroder, Peter Bellotie, Paul Jabara, actor Ray Vitte recording artist Stevie Wonder so many more.
Did she influence your life in anyway?
“Yes“ her HEART of LOVE, I've seen Donna give money to the homeless and her Mother‘s Prayer Group?. Donna was a giving artist and loved her fans. She and Bruce was so wonderful with my son’s, who would spend the night at her mansion and she would sing and tuck them in bed. We would join the family for Christmas and Thanksgiving, it was a beautiful and bless time for all of us.
was Donna Summer like to work for?
“Oh my Lord”. It was such a delight every moment of working for Donna was indeed a blessing, even though I was a model an knew the craft of illusions, Donna amazed me on here different transformation’s. of her looks.
Did you go on tour with Donna & did you see all the shows?
No, I worked for Donna in between her tours as “Personal Assistance“. Yes, I attended many concert’s with my son‘s. My son‘s first concert in LA, Donna, called them on stage to dance with her, my kids frozen. another show in Atlantic City she told the crowd that I was her “Mentor”.
Do you still keep in touch with Donna's family?
Yes, her sister‘s Linda Gaines in Boston, Dara Gaines Bernard of Atlanta. Within a few years I’ve seen Mary Ellen Bernard and Jeanette Yancy and spoken with Donna on the phone a few times.
Tell us if you can about the other members of Donna's family
The Gaines family comprised of (7) 1 Male & 6 Female’s 1. Jeanette Yancy, 2. Ricky Gaines, 3. Donna Sudano (Summer)“deceased”, 4, Amy Gaines “deceased”, 5. Linda Gaines, 6. Mary Ellen Gaines Bernard and 7. Dara Gaines Bernard. 3 of her sister at one time was Donna’s background singer’s Amy, Dara and Mary. Mary remained background singer with her sister “Donna” until the end. Her Mother Mary Gaines & Father Andrew Gaines are deceased.
What did Donna Summer enjoy the most recording or touring ?
I think it was touring as she loved her fans.
Did Donna encourage her family to sing?
Yes, I remember hearing Mimi practice “Woman in Me” and through out Donna’s career Mimi sang on stage with her mother a few times.. Brooklyn, Amanda and her husband has a group called JOHNNYSWIM and Mimi’s and her daughter’s Savannah and Vienna Dohler are Solo Artist‘s. Linda Gaines is singing in Boston Clubs.
Jeanette can you tell us please, what do you think made Donna so magical?
Yes, Donna knew when she was very young that she would become famous, her platform was the Church and the rest is history
Which of her own songs did she like & were there any she regretted recording or disliked ?
With out a doubt “Love to Love you baby” Although it was the song that put her towards fame, it was the one she mostly didn't like. She had  wonderful vocal’s moaning and groaning, but was not what she wanted to do with her voice, or career.  At times Donna & her sister Linda and I would make up skits and character's and recorded them.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Incognito tribute to Pharrell's Hat!

Incognito have hit the nail on the head & have delivered us the music the world is screaming for!
The song features Tony Momrelle on vocals & can be found on their forthcoming album.

Read more here: http://www.soultracks.com/first-look-incognito-hats

If this is not a hit ...I will eat my Hat!!!