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Disco, Soul, Gold Live Facebook interview with Randy Muller

Disco Soul Gold: Disco, Soul, Gold Live Facebook interview with Ran...: Lets give a great Disco,Soul,Gold welcome to Mr Randy Muller Randy Muller   Hey guys! Disco,Soul,Gold Question  Ques...

Live Facebook interview with Randy Muller - 13th December 2013

Lets give a great Disco,Soul,Gold welcome to Mr Randy Muller

Randy Muller Hey guys!

Disco,Soul,Gold Question 

Question for Randy - Will you be touring at all next year ? 

Randy Muller Yes. Will definitely be on the road this coming year, starting with the UK

Disco,Soul,Gold Question for Randy Muller - Do you think you will ever reform Brass Construction or do a remix album project ? 

Randy Muller No! Brass Construction has had its time. The social context has changed and the individual musicians as well. So no. As far as I'm concerned Brass as we know it cannot be reformed. I certainly don't look forward that it.-lol

We had too many difficulties in the band to make it work: The usual band dissonances

 However, a remix project is quite possible. As it does not involve the human factor.

Disco, Sou,Gold Question for Randy Muller- What was it like going back to recording ? Was this your first release since Brass Construction ?

 No not at all. fact is-I NEVER really stopped recording. In the interim, I've been recording and releasing music in the smooth-jazz, afro-beat, dance and house genres. however, Brooklyn Soul Biscuits is my very first funk n Soul project since Brass Construction and Skyy

Disco,Soul,Gold Question for Randy Muller  
The affiliation of this infectious jam with Jeff (Lane) and you, Randy, is, to say the least, obvious at first listen. We all happen to know how music back then was firmly associated with formulas in terms of production (ie: Chic, Fred Jacques Petrus and Mauro Malavasi of the Change fame,Leon Sylvers III, Patrick Adams, Barry White, Rick James and the list goes on). How would you characterize your signature then???

Randy Muller Well, I think my signature is pretty much still the same. I usually build my songs from bottom up. I start with a funky bassline and drums and then build from there. Moreover I tend to do alot of rhythmical displacements ( cymbal crashes on beat 2 of a measure and the like). I also like very simple and easy to remember hooks.

Randy Muller However, what was interesting back then was the rhythm section: I consistently used the same guys: myself, and the guys from Skyy. The Garnett Mimms track " What it is" was actually a jam I originally wrote for Brass Construction. So I used the Brass Construction co-members to lay the track on this one.

Disco,Soul,Gold Question for Randy Muler - What music influenced you & what are your favorite songs for a dessert island 

That's a very difficult request, as I  tend to listen to a very wide range of music (Jazz, Funk n Soul, Classical, Caribbean,Brazilian, R&B, Hip Hop, House, Techno, Dance, etc.). But I will struggle to give you what you want. As far as inspiration, Jazz flautist Hubert Laws and producer/ arranger Thom Bell would top my list. Two favorite songs would be " Wake Up Everybody" by Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes and “ Send In The Clowns” by Frank Sinatra.  However, I guess you would like my faves in the funk and soul area. So that would have to be “ Back In Love Again”  by LTD and  “People Make The World go Round”  by The Stylistics. Tied with “Hollywood Swingin’ by Kool and The Gang.
As I said it’s a very tough and complicated question.  I do hope the above would suffice.

Disco,Soul, Gold Question for Randy Muller - Of today's producers who do you respect & what advice would you give to anybody new coming into the music business
Randy Muller Well, I like alot of what the younger cats are doing. I think the advances in technology has made music production quite accessible and doable on a professional level to a a large number of enthusiastic music lovers and producers. Funny, I like what's happening on the dance and techno side of things. very exciting. David Guetta, Daft Punk, LAurent Garnier etc.

Randy Muller My advice to anyone coming into the business is to build a good support network ( both technical and business) educate yourself about the business. learn about copyright, deal structures, marketing or branding etc., then be the best regarding your talent. Oh...and wish for at least a few ounces of luck.-lol

Disco, Soul, Gold Question for Randy- Do you mind artists/ Dj's sampling your tracks ?

Randy Muller No. I love it when my tracks are sampled. I fact, I encourage it. However, I do insist on being paid for the pleasure.-lol

Disco, Soul,Gold Question for Randy Muller do you see yourself in the future producing House/ Techno style Dance music or will you stick to your roots & bring the funk back ?

Randy Muller DON'T GET IT TWISTED: I will ALWAYS keep my roots. Funk n soul is in my bones. I'm a creature of syncopation and soul. This will NEVER change in my universe. However, there will always vary in my expression of this reality by way of various forms of music; be it dance, house or what have you. but you will notice a singular connection when it comes to my musical signature. As the song goes: "IT'S GOTS TO BE FUNKY!" But I don't have to wait for the future to do house and techno: I do that now. Just

Randy Muller I just like music that can compel one to get physical! It's that simple!

Disco,Soul, Gold asks 
back in the day that Disco was an accelerated version of R&B to a certain extend, meanwhile House Music could be seen as the contemporary version of Disco to another one. Would you tend to sort of agree with this, Randy Muller

Randy Muller Yes I do.Funny-coming from the Caribbean and growing up hearing calypso with it's hissing open and closed hi-hat at rapid speed, it's hard for me not to notice the similarities between a standard house or dance beat today and that very old caribbean groove. The difference , however, is tempo.

But again, it's all soul. But it's just a matter of emphasis, tempo and ornamentation ( Strings, horns, synths or lack thereof)

also melody structure!

Also FUNK is more on the ONE!: the first beat of the 4/4 measure and requires you to shake your head up and down and make a nasty face-lol

Randy Muller I remember giving my daughter funk lessons. And YES she was required to make that nasty face and move that head while sitting in the back seat of the car.-lol

Randy Muller By the way, "Here's To you" and "Show Me The Way" are two of my all-time favorite Skyy songs.
Disco,Soul,Gold Says - Thanks Randy for your time & trouble, it was great having you here on Disco,Soul,Gold today via Facebook. 

Randy Muller Thanks Gary. It was a pleasure. " here's to You", indeed! 

Randy Muller current release is BROOKLYN SOUL BISCUITS