Friday, 16 November 2018

The UK Soul Chart Album

The compilation album of the year has arrived!  
 THE UK SOUL CHART ALBUM  has been compiled by DSG's Gary Van den Bussche, the CD has some of the finest Soul tracks of the year from The UK Soul Chart all on one CD. The tracks on the CD have all been re-mastered for your listening pleasure. 19 Modern Soul gems including unreleased tracks and mixes, the CD will only have one limited edition pressing!  

For some time now I have had the idea of compiling a UK Soul Chart CD, in the same way, that we would have once collected the Motown Chartbusters or Top of the Pops (non-original artists) albums back in the day (now I'm showing my age). So I approached Carl Barrington Webster who had also had the same idea but had put it on the backburner as he was busy.
In the UK, unlike many other countries, we have a UK soul scene and call it ‘Soul’, Americans now refer to it as R&B but they include rap etc into the genre. We are still very proud of our soul scene and respect the artists (old and new) who continue to record soul music. Many a soul legend has passed, including most recently our ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin, so it's our duty to keep soul music alive!  The artists now recording Soul music have to live from touring and selling merchandise as due to streaming their revenue from music sales has vanished. It would be so great if respected organisations like The Grammy's and such like would bring back a Soul category to their awards so the artists of today could gain the RESPECT they have soulfully earnt, how otherwise are we going to move Soul Music forward without new artists? 

Sir Wick - I Love You (Included on The UK Soul Chart CD)

                                   K Avett - The Matter (Included on the UK Soul Chart CD)

      Show Tyme -Come On Home To Me - (Included On The UK Soul Chart CD)

In this world, like it is now we might have never have had such icons as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye,.Michael Jackson, George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire, Otis Redding, Motown Records if they never received mainstream airplay or acknowledgment of their work. I feel today there are many talented Soul singers that we need to expose to a much bigger world than just our little marketplace that many don't even know exists and by such ignore. It's up to us to spread the word Soul Music is very much alive and with help, it can be reborn.    

Every week Carl and his Starpoint Radio team compile the official 'The UK Soul Chart' of which many of the featured artists on this CD have appeared. The chart airs UK Time Sunday 4-6 pm & repeated on Monday evening between 5-7 pm (UK Time).


The artwork for the CD has been designed by Roger Williams 

The Radio DJ's have said...

John Leech (BBC) Indie soul is sounding good and every track on UK Soul Chart is a winner. A sumptuous collection of new, unreleased and rarities. A must album
Paul Miller (BBC) This Is A Great Compilation will receive lots of love from me.
Gary Spence(Solar Radio) Album Of The Week - What a fantastic tracklisting one of those albums
you can leave on and just let play! 
Bigger (Mi-Soul, Blues & Soul) There have been some great Compilations & this has to be one of the best, In all honesty, I don't think I Skipped a track! Especially Love Miracle Thomas, Ryle, Regina Troupe, Ronnie Wright, Darien Dean & That Ed The Red must be his best ever.
JOEY COYNE (Starpoint Radio)
Wow, This must rate as one of the finest complications of the last few years.
In the words of Errol brown......Everyone's A WINNER!!!
With many thanks for your support.
Gary Van den Bussche

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Aretha Franklin Queen Of Soul Forever

Aretha Franklin The Queen Of Soul paved the way like no other female vocalist of our time.
When I was around 8 years old my late father used to have late parties in the house and all I could hear from my bedroom as a child was the 'Lady Soul' album on repeat from 'Chain Of Fools', 'Money Won't Change', 'People Get Ready', Issac Hayes 'Shaft' & Curtis Mayfield 'Curtis album. Even in my sleep, Aretha was touching my Soul not just a great singer, but a great pianist also. 

I collected every album she ever recorded from the unsuccessful Columbia recording period right through to Atlantic recordings and then Artista records, That was nine or so Columbia releases that were released from 1961- 1967. The Atlantic Records hit period started in 1967 with her 'I Never Loved A Man' (The Way I Loved You) album the first of 20 album releases including one of the most succesful Gospel album of all time the Double Vinyl released 'Amazing Grace 'set. Her Atlantic Recordings hit factor slowed down in 1977-1979 with her very underrated Curtis Mayfield set 'Almighty Fire', Lamont Dozier produced 'Sweet Passion', & Van McCoy's mostly produced 'La Diva' album.

In 1980 she signed with Arista Records with Clive Davis in the A&R hot seat Aretha was back with her debut Arista set 'Aretha' which included her version of 'What A Fool Believes', Arif Mardin produced her next set in 1981 the 'Love All The Hurt Away' in which it's title track was a duet with George Benson. Luther Vandross was called in for the next two sets 'Jump To It' & 'Get It Right', Narada Michael Walden for the 'Who Zooming Who' album that included the #1 R&B /#3 National Billboard chart hit 'Freeway Of Love'. 'A Rose is Still a Rose' was her thirty-seventh studio album it resulted in the singer's most critically acclaimed and best-selling album of the 1990s, the single featured Lauryn Hill, the album stands as one of Aretha's most successful sets. Clive Davis once again took control of Aretha Franklin last studio album 'Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics' which was a tribute of ten covers of songs made famous by female recording artists, which once again took the Queen to the top 3 of the  USA R&B chart with her covers of songs made famous by Gladys Knight, Etta James, Gloria Gaynor, Barbra Streisand, Chaka Khan, Alicia Keys & Adele.

Soul music is back in the national charts after the death of the Queen, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson (To Be Loved) arguably started the sound in 1957 with 'You Send Me' & tagged The Man That Invented Soul, but my research also gives Jackie Wilson credit and for inspiring The Motown Sound with Berry Gordy.
Soul Music deserves its own category back!  like it used to have, as R&B (Rhythm & Bass) includes Hip Hop and Rap which now heads the way in America, Soul Music is looked as an older person's thing, but there has never been so much great new Soul Music around. If you tune into Starpoint Radio you will discover the best of this, it's an online & DAB radio station that offers the best in today's Soul music with classics mixed in, other stations include Solar Radio in which you can listen via Sky TV also. It's time to tune into SOUL MUSIC once again and let the music touch you with great recent albums by Cornell Carter, Rai, Tyra Lavone, Al Lindsey, Show Tyme, Ty Causey, Chris Jasper etc. As we get older the melodies of today, with the most sound like they haven't got any, and in fact machine-driven, with the odd exception of artists like Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Beyonce (at times), Pharrell Williams ‎among others.

We have lost many of the greats and it's now time to support the new& older independent artists that are still creating fantastic Soul music for our listening pleasure in which many of you don't know exist.
Aretha Franklin The Queen Of Soul saves our Soul and puts Soul music back in the national charts, what a shame she had to pass for this to happen.
RIP Aretha, we will love you forever and you'll always be in our soul!

Thanks for reading

Gary Van den Bussche
(DSG Radio promotions, Disco Soul Gold Music, Starpoint Radio broadcaster, Disco Soul Gold Facebook page)

Just added to the blog is Mike Prior's excellent tribute to Aretha, out of the many this is one of the best! 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Starpoint Radio The Soul Music Alternative

Starpoint Radio The Real Alternative has a new all the way LIVE weekday schedule from Monday to Friday starting in the morning with The all-new breakfast show which runs from 7-9 am weekdays with Ray Bradshow, Ray (35) said he is delighted to be here at Starpoint Radio with his new Soul Family. Ray puts lots of fun and energy into his breakfast shows with features including 'The Full English' which is a selection of UK Soul tracks by Britsh artists, then  the warning goes out as not to everybody's taste the 'Quirky Corner' which is a bit of fun, playing a track that should not be played on Soul radio, this feature comes with a sense of humour warning!  Please be aware your ears might be in danger!! 

Kevin O'Brien (Tuesday to Thursdays) presents the Morning Soulcial which runs from 9-11 am and one of the popular features is Kevin's cheesy wotsit with such classics as ... No, we'll let you tune in to discover just how Cheesy they are! You can hear the best of the new releases along with some forgotten classics on this well-produced morning show. Kevin also does the morning Coffee Spot which gives you a chance to boost your electric bill by turning on the kettle to have a hot drink with the host. 
Gary Van den Bussche making a welcome return to radio with his Disco Soul Gold show, the show broadcasts Monday to Friday live from 11am to 1pm (UK Time) playing the best in new releases, classics, newly mixed re-edits, edits, and remixes.  Gary who also runs a succesful radio promotions company and the DSG record label with songwriter-producer Nigel Lowis help many artists and groups receive the fame they rightly deserve.  Nigel Lowis provides a feature called Diggin' For Gold where he digs deep into the DSG crates and uncovers a classic that was ahead of its time, other features include Tune Of The Unexpected which a mix or a track recorded by an artist that you would not think would have recorded it,  The Lunchtime Sandwich which includes 2 or 3 tracks with a connection that make a tasty lunchtime bite or triple decker, plus Birthday's and light entertainment news.

Gary Van den Bussche is celebrating 40 years in the industry from Baker St Records, First Bell Chart Hyper, his own  Empire Distribute, Wizz records, Chunky Cheese Records, DSG record label, to djing at Johnny Gold's celebrate hot spot Tramp to organising his own nightly club nights for over 28 years.   

 Mike’s Soul Cellar which runs Tues – Thurs 1-3pm plus a replay on Saturdays from 3pm, combines classic and contemporary soul in all its different forms. The 3 decades ‘Triple-Play’ features classic and musically significant tracks from the 70s, 80s, and 90s to which Mike provides some background information. Then there’s the ‘Soul Cellar Vault’ from where Mike unearths ‘all time’ milestones of classic soul. The Soul Cellar also packs in some of the hottest new releases and popular tracks that are rising up the UK Soul Chart.

Steve King is one of the Kings Of Starpoint broadcasting Monday to Friday afternoon from 3-5 PM Monday to Thursday with his Soulful Sounds show. Steve plays sought after and classic soul from the 80's, 90's and brings it bang up to date with always the best in new quality Soul. 

King's love of the slow jam can be heard in a special Wednesday evening Windown Soul sessions from 9-11pm and if you are not quite ready for bed, Steve does an extended hour from 11pm - midnight with The Soulful mix.

Starpoint Radio was first founded over twenty years ago in 1985 as an alternative music station for London and the Home Counties.
Originally broadcasting once a week on Sundays, demand quickly prompted the addition of an entire weekend broadcast and Starpoint Radio soon earned the reputation of being a quality radio station with presenters whose musical knowledge and presentation skills were second to none!
Starpoint Radio, therefore, became known as THE REAL ALTERNATIVE. Over the next three years Starpoint Radio attempted to broadcast seven days a week, but as an unlicensed station, this proved difficult within the rules and regulations of the DTI. In December 1988 it was decided to pursue alternative avenues of broadcasting and Starpoint's final show as an unlicensed station was from infamous Crazy Larry's on the Kings Road in Chelsea.starpoint_radio_good_old_days
In June 1991, Starpoint Radio applied for and received one of the first restricted broadcast licenses for a period of twenty-one days and the first show came from the unlikely venue of Windsor Safari Park, covering Windsor, Slough, Maidenhead, and most of Surrey and South London! The following three weeks were a rip-roaring success with the station being able to adhere to its long-held principles of quality music and quality presenters without bowing to the pressures of commercialism. The success of the Windsor broadcasts led to Starpoint Radio being approached by Alex Lowes of the Southport Weekenders to broadcast from the legendary event.
This resulted in Starpoint's management joining forces with another former unlicensed London radio station and the two merged into a satellite-based radio station. With Starpoint's connections, this radio station became the official broadcaster for the Southport weekenders until the BBC's 1- Xtra took over in - now here's a problem, the old mind's gone blank. Does anybody out there remember when 1 Xtra took over? Perhaps you could let us know so we can put this archive right.
In February 2005, management decided to part ways and Starpoint Radio was reborn.starpoint_radio_antenna_1985
As "The Real Alternative" Starpoint Radio is now 'the' station for quality music and quality presenting! Now broadcasting on DAB and 24 hours on the internet, Starpoint Radio continues to grow each month proving that it is possible to run a quality soul based music station.

Starpoint radio is the home to The Official UK Soul Chart which updates with a live broadcast on Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm (UK Time) and repeated Monday's from 5-7pm. The UK Soul chart is the most accurate survey with its chart being compiled from DJ's returns of plays and sales of the week. The chart is then shared to around 70 other radio stations and then published on the Starpoint Radio website the following Thursday or latest Friday. The chart can also be seen in Blues & Soul Magazine.   

Starpoint Radio live events include Bol Soul which is a yearly event in Croatia that is now in its fourth year of success you can party with the DJ's and artists for a week in luxury with mighty fine music and sun. 
(Carl Barrington Webster owner of Starpoint Radio pictured with Bolsoul partner Ian Dewhirst)

 Bolsoul 4 runs from  September 29th - 6th October 2018  and is Just £399 for 7 nights!
4 The Price includes: 1 x Luxury Room (sleeps 2-3 people per room) Half-board Catering (full Breakfast and evening meal) Transfers from the Airport to the resort and back. Wristband for all events on the Blue Sun complex. You can Secure now with a deposit of just £100

Other DJ's to listen to on the Radio Station bringing their class and style to the airwaves include  Nigel Fox, Chris Box, Joey Coyne, Barry Bee, Paul Goldsmith, Bob Jeffries, Brett Costello, Dubzy, Marcus Bee, Hugh Williams, Elle P, Paul Andre, Mike Prior, DJ Jai, Paul Garland, Bob Hill, Phil Levene, Cliff James, Ed Weller, Kevin Oxbury, Nigel Lowis,andy Lothian, Soulful House producer Richard Ernshaw, Paul Andre, Steve Collins, Chris 'The Shirt' Elliot, Paul Stuart, Mike Stephens,Paul Mac & Mark Merry.