Monday, 6 April 2015

#DSG Music have two hits in the UK Soul Top 10!

#DSG Music is what would have sounded good yesterday, or maybe even sounding better today. They say a great song lives forever, or as Lou Rawl's once sang, ''This Song Will Last Forever.'' Well within our Soul Music genre with so many of our loved stars passing, indeed their music will always be around forever. This time last year we started the DSG Label with our first discovery a 7 year old demo sitting on Soundcloud. We had our first #1 UK Soul hit with SouLutions, Listen and Philly Line in the summer of last year. Drizabone, Mike Maurro, 12 Shades, Blazing Encore and Colin Watson turned the front room recorded demos into something spectacular, the band have since chosen to gone their own way, which by doing so, gave time to DSG to find some other undiscovered gems. 

DSG Music next release was by NEO that was first released in 2008. DRIZABONE did a mighty fine remix of the track, which was included on the, Ralph Tee complied ''Luxury Soul'' compilation album that is considered by many as one of the finest release of the year. Many thought the track had a Barry White feel about it anyway, so it was only natural progression that there should be a remix that pays homage to the great Mr Barry White in the form of the CW's Unlimited Gold remix. 

Download Soul Town here on iTunes

The remix peaked at #2 on the Amazon UK Sales chart and has been in the top 5 of many charts. The track has remained in Solar Radio's '' Sweet Rhythm'' chart since November of last year! 
(Maybe a record?.).

 The song has just been released on 7 inch single through Expansions record with Downloads on #DSG Music and the good news it has climbed this week to #6 on the UK Soul Chart as seen in Blues & Soul magazine and heard on Starpoint Radio who compile the chart.

 Our 4th release on DSG Music was, Samuel D Sanders, Make You Mine, the song is currently not only in the Amazon UK Sales chart, but this weeks is sitting pretty at #2 on the UK Soul chart.

 There are the CWoriginal mix, Nigel Lowis inspired TSOP mix which really lets the Philly Soul 70's feel open up on the longer extended mix, look out for this on 7 inch any day.

 Released last week is the new CW Steppers mix which brings back memories of, Special Delivery's / Phil Fearon's - This Kinda Love or even Cheryl Barne's ''Save And Spend'' but all in all three mixes to suit every Soulful taste!

On April the 13th DSG release their 5th release with Ola Onabule ''Soul Town'' the song is about why has our music, that we love been removed from the Awards in the genre sections? after all, Gospel, Rap, Country all have a category, so why not Soul Music ? 

The song was first released in 2004, but has been given a make over by DSG Music with new remix productions by, CW, Mike Maurro & Nigel Lowis. The remixes has been tipped as, ''The Song Of The Year'' by many, with some stating the best remix of a song ever!. Currently #2 in Solar Radio's Sweet Rhythm chart  as seen in Echoes Magazine.. The song has also gone for a record with, superstar Gary Spence making it his record of the week from it's promo date to it's release!

Order Soul Town from iTunes here

 Thanks to everybody for your support, if you are a recording artist that have an undiscovered Soul Gem that you think is worthy of a release then please send it to me at

Gary Van den Bussche #DSG Music