Tuesday, 1 April 2014

In Loving Memory of Edwin Starr

In Loving Memory of Edwin Starr 
(January 21, 1942 – April 2, 2003). He was most famous for his Motown records hits such as, ''War'', ''25 Miles'', "S.O.S. (Stop Her on Sight)", ''Agent Double-O-Soul'', "Headline News", ''Time'', "There You Go", plus many others that went from 1965, through to the early 70's. He was so popular in the UK, that he moved here. He was not just a great singer, but excellent live performer with his reputation always gave him a good following. The Disco period was great for Edwin Starr, as he got himself another run of hit singles such as, ''Happy Radio'', ''Contact'' & "It's Called The Rock". I was lucky to have met him in 1983, when he rang me, at first he asked if i could support him playing his music in a concert he had planned, because i could not do this on that day, i made him a cassette tape of his songs, which he played instead, he was so delighted, that he invited me to meet & watch him record a song he was recording in, ''Camden's Roundhouse'', called ''Smooth''. His voice was outstanding, he was very funny & great fun, he let me in at a young age join in with the production of the, ''Sexual Healing'' inspired song. For all those of us that knew him, or even fans of his still sadly miss him.  His music will be remembered forever. In 1984 he recorded his tribute to Marvin Gaye called, "Marvin", strange coincidence that he should die oh his birthday. He was only 61 when he had a heart attack, while taking a bath at his home in Bramcote near Nottingham.

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