Friday, 2 January 2015

Brenda Jonesgirl returns with “What Your Love Has Done”...

As part of The Jones Girls, Brenda sang the lead vocals on many of their classic's including, This Feelings Killing Me, You Made Me Love You, You're Gonna Make Me Love, Life Goes On, We're A Melody, I'm at your Mercy, Dance Turned Into a Romance, I Close My Eyes, When I'm Gone, ASAP, Lets Be Friends First, What a Fool, I Can Make A Difference, Why You Wanna do That To Me, AH AH AH AH, plus  the co-Lead on 'Nights over Egypt among others..

The list of artists the Jones Girls have sung with is like a who's who is Soul music, but these are a few examples, Isaac Hayes, Lou Rawls, Prince Phillip Mitchell, Linda Clifford, The Four Tops.

Their performances with Diana Ross opened many doors for the girls. Ross gave them a brief interlude in her show where they would sing "If I Ever Lose This Heaven," a song popularized by Quincy Jones. Kenny Gamble of Philadelphia International Records and singer Patti LaBelle were in the audience during a Philadelphia performance, and after the show, Ross introduced them to The Jones Girls; the group signed with Philadelphia International in early 1979 and the rest they say is history.

Brenda Jonesgirl has spent her most recent times concentrating on her family life.“What Your Love Has Done” was originally written, produced and arranged by Dewey Andrew in 2007 and co-produced by the late George Mena with additional melodies and arrangements that were co-produced by Brenda JonesGirl. The song was left in the can after the sad loss of George Mena, until last year when Dewey Andrew decided this needed to be released, so Brenda Jonesgirl went back in the recording studio to add some extra vocal touches with Dewey in the production chair once again, giving the song that magical touch.
#1 in the Soul Energy House chart!  this week...
The single is now signed to Josh Milan of Blaze fame's label, Honeycomb Music. As part of the package you will find Soulful House remixes by, Honeycomb’s own Josh Milan & Diva Down remixes. Soul fans are in for a treat as the original Menakeys mix includes a lush intro that includes some fine strings from none other than Brenda Jones great friend, Dexter Wansel.

 All n all a mighty fine package which for now you can  buy here: DOWNLOAD IT HERE iTunes
Reviewed here! Click to read.  #6 on week in Solar Radio's Sweet Rhythm's Chart ,
#1 in the House Energy chart & #1 on the Kings of Spin Radio promo chart!

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