Saturday, 13 August 2016

Marc Staggers Let Me Be The One - Out Now

After the staggering Soul charts #1 success of Marc Staggers debut single for DSG,'' Bring It Home To Me'' (many people favorite song of the year so far), Marc does it again with, ''Let Me Be The One'' currently #1 on the Sweet Rhythms chart. 

We are proud to welcome back Washington DC's Marc Staggers to DSG the label home of modern 20th century Soul with that retro twist to bring back the sound of yesterday today, ''Let Me Be The One'' was written by the songs producer Nigel Lowis and Marc Staggers.

The song was written in the early part of the year, soon after Nigel Lowis fell ill and was bed and hospital bound for the past four months, with Doctors pulling their hair out to find a cure for his illnesses and viruses. Marc Staggers was thankfully very patient and has been busy co-writing songs for his forthcoming album called, ''Timeless''.

The silky toned velvet voice of Marc Staggers is really shinning in a class of it's own on this Philly-esque song, in which the cool production might bring back some memories when the likes of Lou Rawls, Arthur Preysock were prominent in the chart or even touches the delivery of something that John Legend would be happy singing today.

Marc Staggers started singing in the church choir and studied voice as he was growing up. His initial foray into music started with the release of several gospel albums, on which he worked with talented singers such as the late Clifton Dyson. During his college years, he also studied music with an emphasis on voice, and after graduating college, Staggers continued to study voice under the direction of the world-renowned soprano, Nelda Ormond, under whom he began to recognize his true singing talent, and Ormond was pivotal in helping Marc gain the confidence he needed to pursue a singing career. 

Staggers has released four albums to date, the last being the 2015, ''Dream Catcher'' set on Ralph Tee's Expansion records which contained, ''Bring Me Back'' that appeared in the higher regions of the Soul charts. If it was not for creativity and success of,'' Bring It Home To Me'', Marc Staggers was ready to give up singing and change his profession, so he is very grateful to you for making his last single the success that it was.

I'm sure you will all give a big welcome back to both Nigel Lowis and Marc Staggers by supporting, ''Let Me Be The One '' which is currently available through i Tunes & Amazon

                           New Mont Plonc mix dues to be released September 2016 on DSG. 


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