Monday, 19 September 2016

Mike Maurro new Peak Hour mixes

Mike Maurro is one of the finest remix producers to surface from America, he is up there with the tops. In the beginning we used to get treated to a Mike Maurro mix that surfaced occasionally on Soundcloud for a short time.

Among the early supporters was Ian Dewhirst who followed his progress and eventually did a deal with Mike to released his album through the BBC's label Harmless which is also part of the demon group. The The Mike Maurro Peak Hour Remixes reached #1 on the Amazon chart and even charted nationally in the UK album chart.

Mike is recreating the magic from the multi tracks and striking gold with everyone, making Mike one of the 20th century most exciting remix producers.

For his latest Peak Hour mixes they are numbered 3 and 4 to continue where the album left us (wanting more), but this time they are released on a limited edition run of 12 inch singles.

Released on BROOKSIDE 14th October 2016 on 12 inch vinyl only

Listen or Pre-Order Mikes Jones Girls mixes here (vol 4)

Listen or Pre-Order George Duke / Jackie Moore here (Vol 3)

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