Monday, 13 June 2016

Ed The Red - Music Is So Wonderful 2016

Back in the 90’s Bottom Line Records became known for soulful House tracks that packed dance floors around the world. Under the guidance of Ed The Red and his productions help put New Jersey on the musical map. That Jersey sound found champions the world over and became synonymous with places like Zanzibar and The Shelter! The sound known collectively as Garage named for Manhattan’s famous Paradise Garage was the sound and Bottom Line had it down. Many vocalists and producers who helped form that sound had releases on Bottom Line Records: Reggie and Ron Burrell, Lenny Fontana, Jerzzey Boy, Moore Classic Wall, and singers like Annette Taylor, M.J. White and Barbara Dixon found a home for their silky soulful vocals on top of chunky house tracks!

Then there was Vivian Lee! Vivian Lee originally from Alabama recorded what was to be Bottom Line’s biggest hit “Music Is So Wonderful” in 1986! Tony Humphries broke it at club Zanzibar where it became an instant hit. Since then the song has been released numerous times sometimes just called “Wonderful” and not always giving proper credit to the artist. 

Back in the 90's when DSG started with our first record label Wizz records, we licensed & released, Ed The Reds'' It's Alright'' with my own mixes under the names Bingo Bango Bongo, Funky Disco & The Nu Groove, plus help from Love Station (Teardrops, Strike You Sure Do) and Loveland (Let The Music Lift You Up), the release came on a CD single, Two 12 inch singles including one in (Ed The) Red vinyl which reached #2 in the UK Club chart & got rave reviews including 5 dancing men in mixmag.  

Fresh for 2016, Ed The Red decided to revisit the single himself after I suggested that a new 2016 Disco, Soulful mix would be just what the doctor ordered. This mix oozes with funky, Fatback Latin classness and should be a big one for the summer of 2016.
ED THE RED - MUSIC IS SO WONDERFUL 2016 - Released on Bottom Line records released 17th June. 

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