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Ola Onabule - Soul Town 2015 the remixes on DSG Music.

After watching an awards program back in 2005, Ola Onabule wrote the song, ''Soul Town'' asking why ? has the music we love so much, been removed from all the award ceremony categories...
Soul Town by Ola Onabule the remixes will be released on 13th April on DSG Music. Lets get the word out to see if we can't bring Soul Music back to the place we love! 

Solar Radio's Gary Spence was telling me last year that he had the most amazing evening at a concert by Ola Onabule. He explained to me that he always sung his anthem, ''Soul Town'' at the end of his set. Ola Onabule name checks some of the greats on his live version. Spence and I talked about the song, we both felt if the song was sped up it could really be an anthem for today's market.

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I got in touch with Maria Avgoulis, Onabule's manager who at first was I guess not keen to have one of the masterpiece's changed, the word remix can be very frighting especially if it was to go into a different music genre. I picked some of the best remix / producers that I have worked with and they put there passion, heart and Soul into the project to make, ''Soul Town'' one of the best songs of 2015. BBC radio's John Leech has described the remixes as one of the best ever!

What you been saying... 
Ash Selector wrote after hearing just two of the remixes! 
Ola Onabule- Soul Town is an Anthem in it's own right. It's been tastefully enhanced with a new set of Mixes bringing it into 2015 with a Bang!The Nigel Lowis Remix is the one for die hard Soul Fans & MIKE Maurro presses all the right buttons for fans of Soulful House. All in all an essential purchase for your collection. What's not to like a great song, excellent vocals & grooves to move you. Recommended Ash Selector (Solar Radio).
A great remix from Ola Onabule. A man who has certainly worked hard and paid his dues in the last couple of decade - Peter Young Jazz FM 
Not just the best song of the year, but of the decade. Soul Town 2015 is a huge hit! Gary Spence Solar Radio   

One of Brit soul's most enduring tunes is 'Soul Town', the signature song of one of Brit' soul's most enduring artists, OLA ONABULE that was first released in 2005 and the stand out on Ola's fifth long player, it's remained a soul radio staple and a permanent fixture in the singer's live shows. Indeed Ola usually ends his shows with the song and lovers of the tune will be delighted to know that the anthem has just been given a 2015 makeover courtesy of DSG Music and master remix, producers, Nigel Lowis. Colin Watson & Mike Maurro. SoulandJazzandFunk review - Read more here!
The Nigel Lowis remix version's takes the tempo up just a shade so that the beats are perfect for the modern soul scene while the swirling backing track adds a Philly style garnish to proceedings. 'Soul Town 2015' is all set to become one of THE anthems of 2015.

Colin Watson's CW remix enhances the original version with Watson adding his special flair to make his remix very classy indeed. 

Mike Maurro who is currently riding high on the album listing with his harmless records released various artist collection '' Peak Hour'' remix box set collection (that even charted in the national UK album chart and reached #1 on the Amazon sales charts) puts a Soulful House stamp on the track with his, Mike's House of Soul remix.   

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Where you gonna go, now that Soul Town’s gone 
How you gonna do, What ’has been so undone 
Once you were hip, right at the tip 
The very essence of cool 
Street savvy and fly, Steel in your eye 
Thought you were nobody’s fool
It’s why I wanna know
What you gonna say, when they talk it down
That at the peak of it’s day ,
It was nothing, nothing but a plain Jane town
You say Soul Town, Is the way it ‘s all meant to be
And someday we’ll build it all again,
When we’ve had enough of this emptiness
Far too much of this loneliness
We’ll start afresh, raise it up, and grow
When you gonna see, that Soul Towns passed
And all those beautiful people you used to know,
Well they ain’t so fast
You riding high, in infinite skies
Just being that was your precious pearl
With one dream in your hearts and faith in that dream
You thought you’d be changing the world
You say Soul Town’s the prettiest place you knew
And someday we’ll build it all again,
When we’ve had enough of this emptiness
Far too much of this loneliness
We’ll start afresh, raise it up, and grow
Where you gonna go, now that Soul Town’s gone
How you gonna do, What ‘s been so undone
This! This ain’t nostalgia, This ain’t a love song
I’m talking bout Soul Town, because Soul Town’s gone
Those crazy clothes you used to wear, flowers in your hair
And your peace signs everywhere, way on back in Soul Town
Somebody tell me what happened to all those dreams of peace,
And understanding and harmony and brotherhood and love,
Being together for ever and ever
Don’t it seem like Soul Town, Soul Town is gone
This! This ain’t a love song This ain’t nostalgia,
Thus is a silly game we played with a game we loved
Way on back in Soul Soul Soul Town

To be released 25th May Ola Onabule featuring Drizabone 

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